20 Apr 2021
Erda RTE co-organised “Green and Blue Urban Infrastructure Innovation for Northern Eurasia. Transfer, Regionalisation, Planning Strategies and Development Directions” Workshop and Roundtable on April 19-20 in Saint Petersburg.
We focused on two objectives. One was to take stock of innovations related to green and blue infrastructure (GBI) in Russian cities, and to understand the factors of success and failures of such innovation projects given a variety of biophysical and socioeconomic contexts across the country. The other one was to...
1 May 2020

Dear all, the sixth edition of the EEAcademy summer school Sustainability Transitions and the Precautionary Principle (Budapest, 29 June - 3 July, 2020) has been cancelled due to restrictions related to the outbreak of the novell coronovirus. Prelimenery, it will be moved to the summer 2021.

26 Jun 2018

The Precautionary Principle in Sustainability Transitions: Thinking forwards, Looking backwards, Acting is the summer school co-organised by Erda RTE together with European Environmental agency and Central European University in Budapest, in June 28-July 4, 2018. All the taught sessions of the summer school will be webcast from https://videosquare.ceu.edu/en/live/view/282,Auditorium_A

Profiles of school faculty can be downloaded here.

The schedule of training sessions:

10 Mar 2018

Dr. Anton Shkaruba, the director of Erda RTE, appeared with a guest lecture at Estonian University of Life Sciences  (http://pk.emu.ee/yldinfo/uudised/uudis/2018/03/06/08032018-avalik-loeng-dr-anton-shkaruba) on March 8, 2018. The title of the talk was "Rural–urban peripheries under socioeconomic transitions in Belarus and Russia: Changing planning contexts, lasting legacies, and growing pressure".


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