Textbook on case study research

The textbook on case study research was first discussed by members of the GCES network on the meeting at Belarusian State Technological University (Minsk-Neharelaje) in May 2015, and then discussed in details on a dedicated meeting in Budapest at Central European University in August 2014. On that meeting textbook development responsibilities have been distributed between the members, and since then the group regularly meets on Skype, with occasional offline meetings in Pskov (November 2014) and Kharkiv (February 2015). Once finished, the book will be published by Pskov State University; the activity is coordinated by Olga Likhacheva of Pskov State University.

The book will consist of two sections: one will discuss concepts, methodological approaches and research tools, and the second one will demostrate how the concepts are researched in the field. Most of case studies are coming from research summer schools organised under the OSI ReSET project "Governance of Global Environmental Change: Towards a Multidisciplinary Discussion in Tertiary Environmental Education" in 2012-14 and coordinated by Anton Shkaruba and Ruben Zondervan.