Erda Research Technology Education (Erda RTE) is a small company positioned at the triangle scientific research-higher education-business and public policy. It is based in the Hague, the Netherlands, and brings together six research, higher education and industry consultants working in the following fields:

  • management and governance of natural resources, including biodiversity, water, forestry

  • climate change adaptation, ecosystem vulnerability, capacity-building for climate-proof cities

  • physical planning, solutions for green cities

  • capacity building for higher education in Eastern Europe, development of curricula and research training networks in Earth, Life and environmental studies

  • water treatment technology and waste water treatment

  • management of and policy analysis for alternative energy and energy efficiency

  • chemical risks, circulation of hazardous substances, REACH

  • elements of environmental impact assessments / strategic environmental assessments; review of EIA/SEA

The members of Erda are exploring these topics through projects funded by European and Dutch research, educational and capacity-building programs (including EU framework program, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Jean-Monnet, EuropeAid, Life), Open Society Foundation (Higher Education Support Program) and Swedish Institute; assignments from Royal Dutch Shell, provinces and municipalities in the Netherlands, Hungary and Belarus.