Ckees van Oijen

Address: Sir Winstonchurchilllaan 283 F29, 2288DA Rijswijk, The Netherlands




Mobile: +31 62 7263520





Drs. Ckees van Oijen is a limited partner of Erda RTE. As a researcher / consultant, project manager, coordinator and trainer he has >20 years of experience with assignments for governments, industry, civil society organizations. Trained >400 young professionals from the Netherlands, Europe and beyond to apply their academic (environmental specialist) education in the interdisciplinary professional practice. Supported several Eastern European universities in curriculum development in environmental management and governance (six Tempus projects; in two projects served as project coordinator). Performed various research, stakeholder consultation and consultancy projects in cooperation with partners from the Netherlands, EU, NIS in Eastern Europe and Asia. Volunary landscape management and board member in NGO's. His areas of expertise are: sustainable area development and biodiversity; eco-labelling, certification and green public procurement; resource efficient cleaner production and corporate social responsibility; chemical risks and occupational health; nanotechnology, capacity building for nevironmental education (also in Eastern Europe and for Eastern European students and faculty) and empowerment.