7 Nov 2016

Green Infrastructure Management Event in Belarus

Submitted by anton

Erda RTE contributed to an international conference on green infrastructure in cities and organized by our partners from EKAPRAEKT NGO in Mahilioŭ, Belarus. The event took place on Nov 3-4 on the premises of Mahiloŭ Technological Park and Belarusian-Russian University. Among the participants of the conference were representatives of the city government, municipal service companies, academia and NGOs from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. The conference was organised under the project Co-management of Green Infrastructure project implemented by EKAPRAEKT, and was discussing the issues brought forward by the project and the range of solutions explored by it. Erda RTE experts were involved in research and communication activities of this project., and contributed to it by providing Dutch experience in green infrastructure development and co-management of green spaces.


Hanna Skryhan, EKAPRAEKT

Olga Likhacheva, Pskov State University