Hanna Skryhan

Address: Sir Winstonchurchilllaan 283 F29, 2288DA Rijswijk, The Netherlands


E-mail: skrane4ka@gmail.com


Mobile: +375 29 3410882





Dr. Hanna Skryhan is researcher with a diverse expertise in energy efficiency, climate change, and waste management. In 2013-14 she took sabbatical at the Comenius University in Bratislava, where she focused on the issues of urban sustainability and energy efficiency. She was a principle investigator in projects on energy security in Belarus & Lithuania and EU and Russian dimensions in the security issues (funded by the Lithuanian scientific foundation, 2012-13), and climate-friendly cities in Belarusian context (2012-16). Her main research interests are sustainable urban planning, energy security (including the transferability of EU experience).
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