Anton Shkaruba  

Dr. Anton Shkaruba is the director and partner of Erda RTE, research associate and visiting lecturer at Central European University (Budapest). Dr. Shkaruba has extensive research, teaching and capacity building experience in the subject area, including organisation of series of summer schools at Central European University on climate change vulnerability and adaptation (2009-2013), teaching courses to MSc students on adaptation of social-ecological systems and on carbon sequestration (since 2009), consultancy engagements related to development of flexible mechanisms of Kyoto Protocol (UNDP Belarus) and climate-proof cities (EuropeAid), institutional research grants at Central European University for ecosystem vulnerability research, and FP5-7 projects related to ecosystem management and governance of natural resources. Dr. Shkaruba has vast experience with capacity building for higher education in Eastern Europe, including involvement to four Tempus, three Jean-Monnet and two Visegrad projects, and organisation of research training networks for early stage faculty and researchers in Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine through grants of Swedish Institute, Asia-Pacific Network, Open Society Foundation.

Hanna Skryhan  
Dr. Hanna Skryhan is researcher with a diverse expertise in energy efficiency, climate change, and waste management. In 2013-14 she took sabbatical at the Comenius University in Bratislava, where she focused on the issues of urban sustainability and energy efficiency. She was a principle investigator in projects on energy security in Belarus & Lithuania and EU and Russian dimensions in the security issues (funded by the Lithuanian scientific foundation, 2012-13), and climate-friendly cities in Belarusian context (2012-16). Her main research interests are sustainable urban planning, energy security (including the transferability of EU experience).



Matthijs Hisschemöller  

Dr. Matthijs Hisschemöller is partner of Erda RTE and researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He has built up a broad experience in the field of environmental policy science. His current work focuses on interactive approaches to enhance policy learning through the articulation and evaluation of conflicting lines of argument. He has been involved in several participatory integrated assessments, such as Climate OptiOns for the Long term (COOL) and, more recently the H2 Dialogue, the recovery of the Eemsmond region in the Netherlands through biomass related industrial activities (Costa Due), 50% emission reductions for Amsterdam Parkstad (Ecostiler), the realization of a climate neutral office building for the municipality of Amsterdam (Diamond4Ever), opportunities for energy from biomass (Biomass Dialogue) and the development of an energy policy for the island Curacao. Dr. Hisschemöller is teaching three courses at VU Amsterdam, including two focusing on climate change adaptation and mitigation. He was involved in design and implementation of two Tempus actions in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, and in a number of research training events for the faculty from the region.

Ckees van Oijen  

Drs. Ckees van Oijen is partner of Erda RTE. As a researcher / consultant, project manager, coordinator and trainer he has >20 years of experience with assignments for governments, industry, civil society organizations. Trained >400 young professionals from the Netherlands, Europe and beyond to apply their academic (environmental specialist) education in the interdisciplinary professional practice. Supported several Eastern European universities in curriculum development in environmental management and governance (six Tempus projects; in two projects served as project coordinator). Performed various research, stakeholder consultation and consultancy projects in cooperation with partners from the Netherlands, EU, NIS in Eastern Europe and Asia. Volunary landscape management and board member in NGO's. His areas of expertise are: sustainable area development and biodiversity; eco-labelling, certification and green public procurement; resource efficient cleaner production and corporate social responsibility; chemical risks and occupational health; nanotechnology, capacity building for nevironmental education (also in Eastern Europe and for Eastern European students and faculty) and empowerment.

Viktar Kireyeu


Dr. Viktar Kireyeu is partner in Erda RTE; he is climate change adaptation researcher, trainer and consultant, focusing on issues of forestry and biodiversity conservation. He is involved in teaching BSc and MSc courses on carbon sequestration (Central European University), climate change adaptation (St.-Petersburg State University, Pskov State University), land use governance (Odessa State Environmental University, Belarusian State Technological University), environmental information and communication (Siberian Federal University), and academic writing for environmental studies (Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy). His recent teaching and curriculum development experience also includes involvement in design and implementation of two Tempus projects, two Jean-Monnet projects in Belarus and Russia, and a Visegrad project in Ukraine.