Governance of Global Environmental Change

Research training network Governance of Global Environmental Change was set-up under the project with the same title funded by Open Society Foundations from 2011 to 2014 (see the project website and the project report for more information) and endorsed by Earth System Governance global research alliance. From January 2015 the network is hosted and coordinated by Erda RTE. The network brings together scholars from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia engaged in environmental governance research and promoting it by means of curriculum development, networking and training events, joint research projects and publications. It also includes some of the former project coordinators and the resource faculty, who remained active in the network.

The members of the network as of January 2015, an be found in the list.

Current activities within the network:

  • Development of a textbook in Russian on case study research methodology  (coordinated by Olga Likhacheva, to be published in fall 2015 by Pskov State University, Russia)

  • Developoment of project proposals to support networking, research and capacity-building tasks (coordinated by Anton Shkaruba)

  • Ongoing funded projects:

    • 2015-2018: Systems for monitoring and responses to early warnings – EU experience for Russia (Erasmus+ Jean-Monnet Module)

    • 2014-2017: Land-use systems in the EU: science, management and policy (Erasmus+ Jean-Monnet Module)

    • 2014-2017: Governance of natural resources – EU experience and challenges for Russia (Erasmus+ Jean-Monnet Module)

    • 2013-2016: Transition of environmental governance in V4 – from post-communist society to the EU (Visegrad University grant)

For more information contact Anton Shkaruba