30 Jul 2016

The second Precautionary Principle summer school is over

Submitted by anton
The summer school "The Precautionary Principle: Governance of Innovation and Innovations in Governance", the second one in the series of the
Precautionary Principle schools co-organised by Erda RTE, Central European University, European Environment Agency and MEDIAN is over. It was held at Central European University from 26 June to 2 July, 2016, and it had brought together 23 participants from 14 countries and from a broad variety of academic and professional backgrounds, ranging from biology to policy sciences, and from NGOs to European regulatory bodies.
The purpose of the School was to explore challenges and possible ways forward for the effective and appropriate application of the precautionary principle in sustainability governance. It will bring together a solid and diverse group of scholars and practitioners with expertise on the precautionary principle, risk assessment and management, environment and health research, science and technology studies, the governance of innovation, environmental governance, and long term transitions to sustainability.Today we have received the results of the participant survey, and we are proud to share that the overall satisfaction about the school was higher than the average for the CEU summer university program! This also was our feeling during the school, and we hope to keep this positive momentum and to organise the third school in the series on the next summer!