24 Oct 2015
20 Sep 2015

On October 15, 2015 Erda RTE co-organises a seminar on "Landscape Planning Tools for Green Economy: EU experience for Belarus"; the seminar venue is Belarusian State Technological University is Minsk. The objective of this seminar is to discuss options for landscape planning applications to support development of green economy in Belarus, with a view of applying relevant EU experience.

29 May 2015

As a mark of a proper completion of the course "Transition of environmental governance in V4" (120 academic hours), the sucessfull students of Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy and Kharkiv Karazin National University participating in the course, have received their certificates of completion on May 13 and 29, 2015 (news features and photos on official web-pages of the universities: http://ecology.kname.edu.ua/index.php/uk/8-novini/47-23-travnya-2015-roku, http://www-ecology.univer.kharkov.ua/uk/news/1-news/368--4-). The course was developed and taught by Anton Shkaruba (academic coordinator) and Viktar Kireyeu in cooperation with colleagues from Slovakia and Ukraine under a Visegrad VUSG project.


13 Apr 2015

On 3 April, 2015, Vicebsk State University (Vicebsk, Belarus) hosted a workshop "Contents of a graduate course on climate change" organised under UNDP project “Linking Environment and Security in Belarus”. The course was presented by experts developing the syllabus, learning materials and a textbook on climate change for Belarusian universities. The suggested course will consists of four modules encompassing procceses in the physical system, concepts and methods of climate change adaptation and mitigation, climate-related risks and adaptation issues for Belarus, and climate change policy. Anton Shkaruba took part in the discussion and presented his module on theories and concepts of climate change adaptation and mitigation, together with practical excercise on climate data visualisation and ecosystem modelling developed by Viktar Kireyeu.


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