SMART - Systems for monitoring and responses to early warnings – EU experience for Russia





This Jean-Monnet Module brings forward the central objective to promote EU experience in the development of monitoring and early warnings response and communication systems through a series of research training events.

The project is implemented through the specific objectives:

  1. To organise and host three summer schools on design of systems for monitoring (including biophysical and institutional, inclusive to different kinds of knowledge) and timely responses to early warnings (including design of science-policy interfaces and communication strategies).
  2. To launch research reflecting on the applicability of the EU experience in the Siberian context that would serve as input to summer school curricula, as a part of preparation, conducting and following up summer school case studies.
  3. To disseminate schools’ results and research findings through publishing case study reports, dedicated session on the annual conference at SFU, and online e-learning platform with all the School materials available.
  4. To establish links with practitioners involved in environmental monitoring and control over hazardous objects and activities, involve them into research training and co-organise post-school seminars on the issues of monitoring.
  5. To update teaching and learning methods by adapting expertise of EU resource faculty and using them in teaching regular courses at SFU.

SMART Summer Schools

Summer Course Materials on SFU e-Learning Platform

Please contact Nina Pakharkova for the guest access details.

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