20 Apr 2021

Green and Blue Urban Infrastructure Innovation Workshop in Saint Petersburg

Submitted by viktar
Erda RTE co-organised “Green and Blue Urban Infrastructure Innovation for Northern Eurasia. Transfer, Regionalisation, Planning Strategies and Development Directions” Workshop and Roundtable on April 19-20 in Saint Petersburg.
We focused on two objectives. One was to take stock of innovations related to green and blue infrastructure (GBI) in Russian cities, and to understand the factors of success and failures of such innovation projects given a variety of biophysical and socioeconomic contexts across the country. The other one was to understand what other innovation projects successfully implemented in the EU have their chance in Russia, what kind of projects would be useful and relevant in terms of sustainability transition in Russia, and what barriers need to be considered to ensure their success.
To achieve the first objective, we have invited speakers representing academic and non-academic institutions from across Russia with relevant GBI experience and reflections to share. Moderated discussions followed. The second objective was achieved through an exercise where specific GBI innovations recently implemented in the EU were presented to the audience by our EU partners involved in these innovative projects. Audience members provided an insightful feedback reflecting on their diverse academic, professional and regional experience.
The event was jointly organised by SUNRAISE and TERRA projects.
We live-streamed the workshop on TERRA Youtube Channel.
Workshop presentations:

Planning for Innovation and Sustainability: An Emerging Blue Economy in Russia’ Coastal Arctic?

The implementation of the European Landscape Convention. Basic model

Linking green infrastructure to urban air quality and human health risk mitigation in Russia

Urban Green Infrastructure: what does it mean this approach in real urban planning in Russia?

Practical experience with implementing green and blue infrastructure solutions in Latvia

Green and Blue Urban Infrastructure Innovation for Northern Eurasia – Transfer, Regionalisation, Planning Strategies and Development Directions. Concept, workflow, outcomes

Policy best practice and recommendations for sustainable and integrated stormwater management

Environmental situation assessment in the area of the avanport Bronka construction based on indicator-index approach

Blue, green and white spaces of the city of Nadym as an example of the use of natural infrastructure in Arctic conditions

How implementation of the Polar Code and other relevant instruments could contribute to the green economy in the Arctic

Ecologically green material in the Arctic conditions

Prospects of Using Renewable Energy Sources in the High North

Typology of Settlement Patterns in the Northern Territories

Green and Blue Urban Infrastructure supporting ecosystem services

Streamlining of ecosystem disservices for urban planning

Voronezh Green Network: green infrastructure strategy and case study of implementing landscape ecology and ecosystem services concepts in the land use approach

EU Experience of Using Joint Fact Finding in Urban Infrastructure Planning

Problems of designing green and blue infrastructure of the city of Tyumen

Mapping and assessment urban ecosystem services in the city of Tyumen

Ecosystem services approach for landscaping project: the case of Metropolia Residential Complex

Opportunities and benefits of using local flora species in urban landscaping

Informal roads as a form of extended green urban infrastructure

Eco-sustainable environment in modern residential areas. Experience in the implementation and adaptation of Scandinavian solutions in Russian projects on the example of the Leningrad region

Smart urban nature: modelling and evaluation of ecosystem services provided by urban soils and green infrastructures

University campuses as elements of the urban green-blue infrastructure

Prospects for the use of energy-efficient technologies for urban improvement reconstruction of small towns and local settlement systems on the Bezhetsky district in the Tver region example

The sustainable approach in urban landscape planning

Paper packaging materials in a circular economy

Databases and GIS applications in urban green management

Case studies of green and blue infrastructure solutions, Wrocław, Poland

Wildflower turfs in the city České Budějovice, the Czech Republic

Bus Station Nivy in Bratislava, Slovakia

Complex GBI development project in Győr, Hungary

Revitalistion of the Dubova Creek

ESS analysis and Green Network by the example of the VivaGrass Project