31 Jul 2016

Urban futures and urban ecosystems – Russian and European perspectives - Erda RTE co-organised conference

Submitted by anton

Erda RTE in cooperation with Pskov State University (Russia) and International NGO Ekapraekt (Belarus) organises a short scientific conference "Urban futures and urban ecosystems – Russian and European perspectives" and a stakeholder roundtable talk on urban biodiversity and ecosystem services in urban and peri-urban areas, and related research, management, planning and governance issues. The event will include a short (half a day) scientific conference with a plenary and 3-4 panels, and a roundtable discussion of stakeholders involved into municipal governance on vision and appreciation of ecosystems in urbanised environments. The conference and the stakeholder talk will be held on the premises of Pskov State University.

The conference and the roundtable talk are organ

ised as a part of Erasmus+ Jean-Monnet module “Governance of natural resources – EU experience and challenges for Russia”.

The conference will address a broad range of the issues related to research, management and governance of ecosystem services and biodiversity in urban and peri-urban areas. In particular, among others, we are planning to focus on the following issues:

  • Urbanisation and ecosystem fragmentation & biodiversity loss – do they need to come together?
  • Monitoring of biodiversity and biodiversity for environmental monitoring
  • Appreciation of ecosystem services and green infrastructure in urban planning and management
  • Climate change adaptation & mitigation and valorisation of ecosystem services for resilient cities

We are planning keynote speeches addressing these topics, and calling for papers discussing these or related issues. The conference languages are English, Russian and Belarusian. Simultaneous translation on one of these languages will be provided where needed.

The abstract submission deadline is September 18, 2016. All the abstracts will be reviewed. The notification of acceptance will be circulated on September 20, 2016. In case you need an earlier notification in order to allow more time for your travel arrangements, you are welcome to contact the organisers and request an earlier review of your abstract; in that case your abstract will be proceeded in 2-3 working days.

Abstracts are collected on the e-mail address urban2016@erda-rte.eu; the abstract shall state paper objectives, outline methods and results, and offer short conclusions. The character limit is 2000 characters (spaces included, title and affiliation information not included); the abstracts exceeding the character limit won’t be considered for the review. The abstract shall be accompanied by affiliation and contact details (the full name and postal address of the affiliation, e-mail) of the first and corresponding authors. The registration forms will be circulated to the authors of accepted papers and asked to be returned within 10 working days.

We encourage our contributors to submit their work in English, however abstract in Russian or Belarusian will be considered too, and in case of acceptance the authors will be asked to prepare their English translation.

All the accepted abstracts will be available online before the start of the conference. Subject to the quality of contributions, we are considering a special issue of a peer-reviewed journal as a conference outcome.

A limited number of accommodation units (in single and twin rooms in the guest house of Pskov State University) will be available to early bird participants free of charge.

The roundtable talk is primarily intended as a discussion of specific issues of planning, governance and management of ecosystems and biodiversity in the context of urbanised areas of Pskov region. However, we are welcome representatives of praxis communities and anyone interested in these and related issues from any other regions of Russia and broader Baltic region. The topics to be addressed by the roundtable talk will follow the key issues raised on the scientific conference, however they will be discussed from the point of view of praxis communities and in the specific context of urban development in Russia.

The expressions of interest for participation in the roundtable talk shall be sent to urban2016@erda-rte.eu. In the expression we ask you to specify your full affiliation and job title, contact details (including e-mail, postal address and phone number) and the specific issue you are interested to discuss. The expressions of interest are accepted until October 10, 2016, and they will be answered within 2 working days.