Viktar Kireyeu

Address: Sir Winstonchurchilllaan 283 F29, 2288DA Rijswijk, The Netherlands




Mobile: +36 70 5946787




Dr. Viktar Kireyeu is a limited partner in Erda RTE; he is a forest researcher, trainer and consultant, focusing on issues of climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation. He holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Central European University. Dr. Kireyeu is involved in teaching BSc and MSc courses on carbon sequestration (Central European University), climate change adaptation (St.-Petersburg State University, Pskov State University), environmental information and communication (Siberian Federal University, Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy), and land use governance (Odessa State Environmental University, Belarusian State Technological University). His recent teaching and curriculum development experience also includes involvement in design and implementation of two Tempus projects, two Jean-Monnet projects (in Belarus and Russia), and a Visegrad project in Ukraine.
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