Yulia Vasilyeva

Address: Sir Winstonchurchilllaan 283 F29, 2288DA Rijswijk, The Netherlands


E-mail: yulia@erda-rte.eu


Mobile: +31 62 7524975





Yulia Vasilyeva is a limited partner of Erda RTE; she is a process engineer with diverse expertise in water treatment, wastewater treatment and related process and utilities, in particular in designing and development of environmentally friendly options. She is currently associated with Royal Dutch Shell, and previously she was involved in project and consultancy assignments in Russia, the Netherlands, United States, Qatar, and Malaysia.

Shkaruba, A., Vasilieva, Y., Halasi, V., et al. (2004). Integrating Environmental, Social, and Economic Considerations into Homeservice Policies of Dutch Housing Corporations. Amsterdam, IVM, EPCEM project report 2004-3.