29 May 2015

"Transition of environmental governance in V4" - the first course is completed

Submitted by anton

As a mark of a proper completion of the course "Transition of environmental governance in V4" (120 academic hours), the sucessfull students of Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy and Kharkiv Karazin National University participating in the course, received their certificates of completion on May 13 and 29, 2015 (news features and photos on official web-pages of the universities: http://ecology.kname.edu.ua/index.php/uk/8-novini/47-23-travnya-2015-roku, http://www-ecology.univer.kharkov.ua/uk/news/1-news/368--4-). The course was developed and taught by Anton Shkaruba (academic coordinator) and Viktar Kireyeu in cooperation with colleagues from Slovakia and Ukraine under a Visegrad VUSG project.