Matthijs Hisschemöller

Address: Sir Winstonchurchilllaan 283 F29, 2288DA Rijswijk, The Netherlands



Phone:+31 20 5989523





Dr. Matthijs Hisschemöller is a researcher affiliated to Erda RTE and researcher at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has built up a broad experience in the field of environmental policy science. His current work focuses on interactive approaches to enhance policy learning through the articulation and evaluation of conflicting lines of argument. He has been involved in several participatory integrated assessments, such as Climate OptiOns for the Long term (COOL) and, more recently the H2 Dialogue, the recovery of the Eemsmond region in the Netherlands through biomass related industrial activities (Costa Due), 50% emission reductions for Amsterdam Parkstad (Ecostiler), the realization of a climate neutral office building for the municipality of Amsterdam (Diamond4Ever), opportunities for energy from biomass (Biomass Dialogue) and the development of an energy policy for the island Curacao. Dr. Hisschemöller is teaching three courses at VU Amsterdam, including two focusing on climate change adaptation and mitigation. He was involved in design and implementation of two Tempus actions in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, and in a number of research training events for the faculty from the region.
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