20 Sep 2015

Landscape Planning Tools for Green Economy: EU experience for Belarus

Submitted by anton

On October 15, 2015 Erda RTE co-organises a seminar on "Landscape Planning Tools for Green Economy: EU experience for Belarus"; the seminar venue is Belarusian State Technological University is Minsk. The objective of this seminar is to discuss options for landscape planning applications to support development of green economy in Belarus, with a view of applying relevant EU experience. To achieve this, we offer 7 discussion sessions consisting of a kick-off talk on the state of affairs in Belarus and the EU (or one of the EU member states) and space for the panellists to make remark and the audience to comment or to make discussion points. On the final session we will wrap up the sessions’ outcomes.

This seminar also serves the purpose of a kick-off event of the EU Jean-Monnet Module “Land-use systems in the EU - science, management and policy” (LUSY) starting at the Belarusian State Technological University, and a dissemination event of the project REALS – “Resilient and Ecological Approaches for Living Sustainably” (http://realsproject.org) funded by the Swedish Institute and sharing some of the objectives with the Jean-Monnet Module LUSY. Representatives of these projects (including those participating in both activities) will talk about their work in the field, in particular where applications of EU experience in Belarus are concerned.

Everyone is welcome! Please send your information and participation requsts to anton@mespom.eu. The draft meeting agenda can be downloaded here.