13 Apr 2015

Climate change education for Belarusian Universities

Submitted by anton

On 3 April, 2015, Vicebsk State University (Vicebsk, Belarus) hosted a workshop "Contents of a graduate course on climate change" organised under UNDP project “Linking Environment and Security in Belarus”. The course was presented by experts developing the syllabus, learning meaterials and a textbook on climate change for Belarusian universities. The suggested course will consists of four modules encompassing procceses in the physical system, concepts and methods of climate change adaptation and mitigation, climate-related risks and adaptation issues for Belarus, and climate change policy. Anton Shkaruba, the director of Erda RTE took part in the discussion (by Skype) as a member of the development team, and presented his module on theories and concepts of climate change adaptation and mitigation, and practical excercise on climate data visualisation and ecosystem modelling developed by Viktar Kireyeu. Other workshop participants included representatives of Belarusian universities, Belarusian ministries of education and environment, non-governmental organisations and UNDP. The workshop participants agreed on the concept of the course and suggested some minor changes in the currisulim and learning materials. The course will be first offered to students of Vicebsk State University in the fall semester 2015, and then made available to other universities in Belarus and beyond. All the learning materials will be openly available online; the publication of the textbook is planned in September 2015.