23 Jan 2015

In January 19-23, 2015, Erda RTE jointly with Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) had run an intensive training in development and preparation of syllabi and learning materials on climate change for a group of university teachers from Belarus. The 40 hours training was commissioned by UNDP (tender RFP /913/2014). It included lectures, workshops and a field visit, and encompassed the whole range of climate change-related issues, including processes in the physical system, climate change adaptation and mitigation, use of ICT tools for communicating climate change information and uncertainties. All the participants received certificates issued by Central European University and countersigned by Dr. Anton Shkaruba, the director of Erda RTE.


7 Dec 2014

The first try of our Jean-Monnet course in Pskov run by Erda's members Anton Shkaruba and Viktar Kireyeu is over, and only two things are left - grading and student evaluation. Looking forward to reading course final essays and evaluation forms! This was an enjoyable experience, and we are looking forward to coming again to the great city of Pskov with its great people!

4 Oct 2014

Today we had our first project meeting at the Belarusian State Technological University. We discussed how we are going to register the project to the Belarusian government, what implications it would have for the project timeline, co-funding options, dissemination strategy, and organisation at the university. The future looks bright!


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